We aim to provide comprehensive services to corporates including, but not limited to financial and non-financial elements which seeks to meet our client’s immediate and future growth needs.

Features of SME Finance Loans

Cash Loan Facility

You get your cash as soon as your loan is approved to make that urgent payment.


Your loan is processed and approved within 48 hours from submission of a complete application.

Flexible Payback

Our payback terms are tailor made to the customers’ cash flow.

No Hidden Deductions

All deductions, where applicable, are properly documented. No deductions will be made that are not well stipulated.


To qualify for this service, one needs to:

Years of Existence.

Your firm or business must have been in existence for at least one (1) year.

KYC Documentation
  • The Business must be duly registered or incorporated at the Patents and Company Registration Agency ("PACRA")
  • Must be registered for tax purposes with the Zambia Revenue Authority (“ZRA”). and in possession of a valid Tax Clearance Certificate (“TCC”)
  • Details of the collateral or security.
  • Bank statements.
  • Annual financial statements (audited or unaudited).
  • Corporate profile or business plan.
  • Cashflow projections.