These are short term loans that are given for up to 3 months at an interest rate of 10% aimed at helping you plug that short term financial need. The amount an applicant will qualify for is determined by 40% of the forced sale value of the collateral provided. The loan amounts ranges between ZMW10,000 (Kwacha Ten Thousand) minimum and a maximum of ZMW75,000 (Kwacha Seventy Thousand)

Features of Retail Based Loans

Cash Loan Facility

You get your cash as soon as your loan is approved and security perfected, to make that urgent payment.


Your loan is processed and approved within 48 hours from submission of a complete application.

Flexible Payback

Our payback terms are tailor made to the customers’ requirements up to the maximum allowed tenor.

No Hidden Deductions

All deductions are properly documented. No deductions will be made that are not well stipulated.


To qualify for this service, one needs to:

Years of Existence.

Must be above 21 years of age


The source of repayment must be clearly defined.


Owned or third party collateral is allowed.