Also known as scheme loans, they are personal loans with varying tenors which are administered through a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") between ALS Capital and any one particular employer to meet personal, consumer or commercial expenditures. These include generic, personal, education, motor vehicle, equipment, short term and long-term loans, depending on your need as the customer.


    1. Allows the employer to concentrate on their core business and ensuring that available financial resources are not tied in non-interest earning assets such as ‘Staff Receivables.

    2. Longer tenors for cash advances.

    3. Financial empowerment to the benefiting members of staff .

    4. Free to access funds in line with their financial plans from time to time.

    5. The employer doesn’t have to guarantee the employee loans but simply undertakes to collect the repayments from the employee through the payroll.

    6. The employer exercises control over its employee’s borrowings through the pre-approval form and provides direct input to who has access to a loan and to what extent.

    7. Top up loans are allowed in the case of an employee with an existing loan, as long as the total exposure falls within the defined debt service ratio of 40 to 45%.

    8. Access to loans isn’t restricted to certain time brackets .

    9. Loan processing is expeditiously done.

    10. No additional security from neither the employee nor the employer.

Features of Payroll Based Loans

Cash Loan Facility

You get your cash as soon as your loan is approved to make that urgent payment.


Your loan is processed, approved and disbursed within 24 hours.

Flexible Payback

Our payback terms are tailor made to the customers’ cashflows.

No Hidden Deductions

All deductions are properly documented. No deductions will be made that are not well stipulated.


To qualify for this service, one needs to:

Contract of employment.

One must present a valid contract of employment or in the alternative an introduction letter from the employer.

Latest payslips

Original latest payslips for three month must be presented when applying for this loan.

Latest bank statement

A minimum of one month latest bank statement should be among the documentation being presented on application.