These are non-payroll-based loans that are available to walk in clients whether employed or not. These loans require a client to produce collateral and a DDAC authorization from your respective bank. The acceptable collateral includes, a certificate of title for a residential or commercial property in an acceptable area or a motor vehicle with an appropriate valuation report. Minimum disbursement is ZMW5,000 (Kwacha Five Thousand) and a maximum of not more than ZMW200,000 (Kwacha Two Hundred Thousand). All loans have a minimum of 1 month and up to 36 months tenor respectively. Consumer loans come with a market competitive interest rate pricing

Features of Retail Based Loans

Cash Loan Facility

You get your cash as soon as your loan is approved and security perfected, to make that urgent payment.


Your loan is processed and approved within 48 hours from submission of a complete application.

Flexible Payback

Our payback terms are tailor made to the customers’ excepted cashflows

No Hidden Deductions

All deductions are properly documented. No deductions will be made that are not well stipulated.


To qualify for this service, one needs to:

Collateral Based.

Appropriate documentation for the property or motor vehicle to be used as collateral to be made available.