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SME Finance

We aim to provide comprehensive services to corporates including, but not limited to, financial and non-financial elements which seeks to meet our client’s immediate and future growth needs. Read More..

Payroll Based Loans

Also known as scheme loans, they are personal loans with varying tenors which are administered through a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") between ALS Capital and any one particular employer. Read More..

Retail Based Loans

These are short term loans that are given for upto 3 months at an interest rate of 10% aimed at helping you plug that short term financial need. The amount an applicant will qualify for is determined by 40% of the forced sale value. Read More..

Consumer Based Loans

These are non-payroll-based loans that are available to walk in clients whether employed or not. These loans require a client to produce collateral and a DDAC authorization from your respective bank. Read More..

Purchase Order Loans

This is a working capital financial solution in form of short-term funding given to companies or business owners that need to pay their suppliers for the goods they need to purchase or make an order for their clients or customers. Read More..

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